So Purkh meditace

20.08.2011 00:00

překlad meditace ze zpívané originální verze do angličtiny:


Wahe guru Raag Asa from the fourth Master Guru Ram Das. So Purkh that Primal God.


I am one with God this is my true gurus gift.

The Primal One is perfectly pure, the Primal God is perfect. He is within All and beyond All.

Everyone meditates, all souls meditate on You oh true creator.

All souls are one with You. All souls come from You.

Oh Saints meditate on God and all pains will fly away.

God himself is the master, God himself is the servant.

Oh Nanek everyone is empty handed before him. ||1||


You are in each beat of my heart and in all hearts. Oh Lord you are the one in everyone.

Some are givers, and some are takers this is all Your play.

You are the giver and you are the receiver, it is all You.

You are the God of All endless and infinite. I have no words to describe your virtues.

Oh Lord Nanek is a sacrifice unto those who serve and serve You forever. ||2||


Meditate on God, meditate on God and your soul will be at peace in this world.

Meditate on God and live free. Live free and know the news of death is meaningless.

Meditate on the fearless one, the fearless God and live free from fear.

Those who serve, oh those who serve my Lord are one with Hari and they look divine.

Blessed, oh blessed are they who meditate on Har. Servant Nanek is a sacrificie to them. ||3||


Devotion to You, oh devotion to You, is a treasure trove that ever overflows.

Your Lovers, oh Your Lovers praise You my Beloved forever and ever.

For You, just for You oh Lord so many Pujas are performed and so many endlessly chant and discipline themselves.

For You, just for You oh Lord so many read the Simritees and Shaastras, they do kriyas and ceremonies.

Those Lovers, those Lovers are sublime oh servant Nanek, who please my beloved Lord God. ||4||


You are the Primal One, the most awesome Creator of everything; there are none as great as You.

Throughout time and beyond time You are the one and the constant true creator.

You do everything and everything happens according to Your will.

You create the whole universe, You destroy it and You create it again.

Servant Nanek sings the praises of his Beloved Lord forever and ever and ever.

He is the knower within all souls.